Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Waking up on a good morning where everything seems to go right..

Having a good shower followed by an enticing breakfast..

Going to work and driving easy on the road where it seems like a

ll traffic lights were all green..

And by the time I entered my work at the Mother Cougar Hospital you can see all people smiling at you saying their goodmornings..

Before entering the lab here’s this elegant lady, who looks like Jessica Alba, whose about to come right at me and greeted me with a hi. With those luscious lips and that kind stare just made my day and made my heart melt..

And as she was about to leave the lab my friend Jose just informed me that she was a newly acquired nurse on the hospital..

And from that day I secretly named her as Wednesday girl..

So moving on what makes my Wednesday bad is that I’ll stay up on a hospital for a whole day and whole night shift..

It was 10 pm and I’ve found myself toxic from all the work in the lab so I took a nap..

After an hour someone clearly called my name so I immediately woke up and found out that it was Jose. Then he started telling me about the patient who died just a few minutes and being reported with an unknown cause..

On that night all the people in the hospital were worried and you can see in their eyes that fear that they too might be a victim..

And as days pass by many incidents of deaths with unknown causes were reported on the hospital..

So the hospital was alarmed and immediately call for an investigation..

Specialized med techs including me were assigned to be part of the investigation

Our duty was to support medical investigation on the cause of death that might be due to poisoning..

First we were able to record the physical symptoms manifested by the dead patients. Then on the crime scene itself evidence were collected like the pill bottle, trace residues, and powder.

So with these evidences collected we were close to resolving what causes these patients to die.

And for further testing human samples were also collected from post-motems.

First urine was taken from the bladder of the patient.

Then 10 ml of blood was collected right enough to screen and confirm the toxic substance that was introduced to the victim.

Saliva was also collected which is also referred to as ultra filtrate of blood due to the drug that may pass into oral fluid predominantly through passive diffusion.

Hair samples were also collected wherein its also capable of determining the substance that killed the patients.

Other samples were also requested from the autopsy to be tested like the gastric contents from the stomach, which can be useful for detecting the undigested pill or liquid that was ingested prior to death. The vitreous humour from the eye may was also used, as the fibrous layer of the eyeball and the eye socket of the skull protects the sample from trauma. Other common organs were also used like the brain, liver, and spleen.

With these samples certain procedures were done to for initial screening and for confirmation using different analytical methods. In doing these tests a quality program is used ensure best results.

One of the procedure done was gas chromatography. It is used to illustrate the basic components of a gas chromatographic system and in examining volatile organic compound.

Spectrophotometry, thin-layer chromatography, and immunoassays was also used as screening methods.

And for confirmatory test tandem mass spectrometry was used together with spot test in determining non volatile organic compounds.

While waiting for the results on the test performed, I went to the vending machine and got something to drink while I saw wednesday girl roaming around.

I was tempted to secretly follow her and hoping to have a chance meeting her up close and personal.

As she entered the room of her patient I went immediately went outside of the room near the door and waits for her to come out.

Until suddenly I heard a strange noise inside the room and heard a voice asking for help..

I opened the door and saw Wednesday girl was about to inject a syringe with a certain chemical to the patients arm. I immediately attack her by grabbing his chest to distract her and hold her arms to prevent her from injecting the syringe to the patient..

Then I kissed her on her lips to distract her from her plan but she also kisses back and never even attack me.. as the patient envies watching..

After a few minutes we stopped and I said sorry for acting weird and she said don’t bother..

Then I leave the room..

Then i was ashame of myself knowing that it was just a false alarm thinking that she was the murderer..

So at first I thought of already being the hero of all of these tragedy that’s been happening in the hospital but I fail..

But at least nakascore ako haha..

Then I went back to the laboratory for the results still thinking of the scene I’ve created and hoping to be more closer to Wednesday girl the other time around..



Clinical Chemistry theory, analysis, and correlation 2nd edition by Lawrece A. Kaplan and Amadeo J. Pesce

Tietz Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry 4th edition

Clinical Chemistry Principles, Procedures, Correlations 5th edition by Micheal L. Bishop

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

YES ako jan!

laban link!!

Upang masugpo ang mga addict at mukhang addict!!!

LABAN!! laban kontra droga!

I am trying to get a filipino vibe going here and hope it works and hope it can be approved!

ika nga ni RIZAL na ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan!! Winner!! :)

So let me start of saying yes ako jan! YES on that question written on our board about drug testing as an admission requirement on schools!

Why yes?! WELL people today dealt with the worldly pleasures, and the bad news is that things gets worse as many young people has gotten into the scene! So having a drug test before being admitted is a must to make sure that this young ones could be guided along onto the future and also to be informed that these drugs are highly prohibited and could have a lots of bad consequences to take when this stuffs are being dealth with...

And also for totoys and kikays na nahuling postive on their drug test could be rehabilitated and have much more guidance and counseling to stay away from dealing with drugs before things gets worse for them. This would also help in making them stop abusing drugs and keep in their mind in an early stage of their life that if you are caught using drugs you'll end up seeing yourself locked up in jail or in a rehab where you can experience the torture of your life..

Actually for me this drug test should be imposed to every young people.. bakit? pano naman ung mga hindi nagaaral or pumapasok sa eskwela.. The system has gotta think of them too for them to be guided as well and lead them to a right path or sa mas makakabuti at maginhawang buhay that they would be able to let this young ones realized na HOY!! bata mas mabuting mag aral ka pa kesa humithit ka jan ng humithit dindala mo lang yang kaluluwa mo palapit ng palapit sa impyerno!

Naaawa ako sa kabataan ngayon!! ( not all but most of them) the world has just gotten worse deceiving this young people lives just too early.. Worldly stuffs not just drugs but also alcohols, sex, cigarettes, clubs, and other worldly pleasures!!

I myself admit that I'm one of the victims.. What pops out in my mind is that napakalakas ng mundo para mahila ako ng basta ganun ganun lang that the world has so much strong temptation that would just let me easily say yes to every thing it offers..

The government should take in charge especially the parents in managing their children's mind that take life easy and help them be involved on stuffs that would lead them on the right path of life!! Let the good things start on them so the other generation could have a future that they would enjoy in the right way!!

Hayyy kabataan isuko mo na muna yan at ituloy mo na lang katapos mong maadmit hahaha joke lang!!

Payo ko sayo kabataan maawa ka sa magulang mo lalo na sa sarili mo at sa kinakabukasan mo huwag mong hayaang malulong ka sa droga at matalo ni satanas!! At sayo magulang maging ehemplo ka sa anak mo!! At PresNOYNOY ipakita mo na kaya mo! na kaya mong iahon ang mga kabataan na ito sa droga at idala kami sa mas OK na PILIPINAS!!

MARAMING SALAMAT sayo na nagbasa!! God bless!! :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I'm pretty sure almost everyone dreams of having that sexy body, a body that’s fit, beach body type, having that nice curves and cuts, having a lean body that's almost 0% of body fat!! 6 pack abs, a sexy back and butt... haha

And I admit that I'm one of that everyone who dreams of having that dream body!!

Having this dream body is not easy... you have to work your butt up in the gym, have a strict diet, a healthy lifestyle, and it takes a lot of discipline in achieving this goal!!

Nowadays people want everything fast and instant..

So some people who would like to lose weight in an instant would undergo surgical procedures with Belo, others take steroids which enhances their performance and have that bulky, scary muscles, and some take supplements..

In my case few years ago I found myself unhealthy. So I set up my goal and that is to have a fit and healthy body and have a 0% body fat haha if possible. So after months of working out and doing cardio exercises I still can't achieve having that kind of body so it came to my mind to use thermogenics or commonly known as fat burners.

Thermogenics from its word are supplements which increases the body’s temperature. Therefore it helps in burning calories and fat the same time.

So one time I thought of using hydroxycut a thermogenic supplement which has a fat burning mechanism and at the same time it increases your energy and stamina for workouts, also helps in increasing your metabolism, mental alertness, and reflex activity and decreases your appetite.

And after a few weeks of using this product my weight was still the same but the difference is that I felt leaner and stronger than before and since I love running I can run the oval 5 rounds. So I can say that the results were great and the product really works.

But there comes a time that I’ve found out about the adverse effects of thermogenics in our body if it is being abused. Since the primary component of most thermogenics is ephedrine(which is mostly used to prevent asthma attacks) its side effects would include insomnia, stroke, heart attacks due to increased in blood pressure and heart rate, increased sweating, having head aches, light-headedness, dizziness, feeling jittery and restless which is pretty uncomfortable.

And other thermogenics would include xanthinol nicotinate which side effects includes flushing, nausea, heartburn, itchy skin, and vomiting. Lack of hydration can lead to overheating, with potentially dangerous results.

And even worse are it’s severe side effects which includes severe anxiety and thoughts of suicide have been reported, in combination with burning and tingling sensations on the head, sometimes accompanied with skin that is hot to the touch. The worst of these symptoms usually last approximately an hour, but can take as long as 24 hours to dissipate completely.

And thank God. The great thing about the product I’ve been using is ephedrine free and xantinol nicotinate free..

The main component of these stuff is xenadrine.

The main ingredient of xenadrine are: acetyl tyrosine (an amino acid which is a precursor for a no. of neurotransmitters), green tea extract (antioxidant), phenylethylamine (relieves depression), yerba mate ( consist of caffeine which boost the energy with vitamins, minerals, and 15 a.a.).

So my advice is that before taking any supplements better research first on it’s side effects before using it.. or else nasa huli ang pagsisisi..

for more information about these topics try on these sites:

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Here we go, here we go again!!

Here’s a continuation on the last post I’ve done the test for testosterone. Testosterone test
other name for these test would be serum testosterone test- is basically for us men and even the boys- it is used to test and diagnose some possible conditions and abnormalities on our testicles and its you know..

What are certain conditions which is being tested on men?

One thing is their sex drive wether it has decreased or is it too much just like what do most of sex maniacs have. Other condition would include boys with delayed development and even precocious puberty.

But most of the time test for testosterone is being used to diagnosed the erectile dysfunction wherein some men has the inability to achieve an erection (even though some hot woman like cristine reyes takes her clothes off in front of him) and infertility of most men (wherein sometimes you just needed some success on timing and new techniques on positioning just to form a life!!).

Other serious conditions on men which takes this test is for them to be diagnosed if tumors are present in their testicles, or if their hypothalamus and pituitary have certain disorders.

It is also tested for men who have disorders that show symptoms of lacking of beard and other body hairs, decreased muscle mass, and the development of breast tissues- gynecosmastia.

What test is mostly done together with testosterone test?

Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)-it is used for the evaluation of the pituitary function, fertility, and tumors and the lutenizing hormone test. This kind of test is usually done to check on delayed and in some cases advanced development in the puberty stage.

delayed development in puberty stage could be seen in boys with...

delayed development of muscles ( iGYM na yan!!), lack of deepening of the voice (magpakatotoo ka brother!!), lack of body hair (sa kakaveet!!), slow growth of the testicles and the penis (nakaklungkot na pangitain yan!!).

other test would include...

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), Free and bioavailable testosterone, Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), Estradiol , Gonadotropin-releasing hormone,Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate (DHEAS).

These delays on the development of secondary characteristics can be caused by the delay production of the testosterone or the pituitary gland does not produce enough Lutenizing hormone or LH.

While in some cases of boys which undergoes advance or fast developments in their body may be due to the early increased production of testosterone(maagang namulat si totoy), tumors on the testicles, and congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

Believe it or not!! Testosterone test is also done on females :O this is for females which shows men characteristics like having facial and body hairs (mabalbon ya I malagu!!), male pattern baldness (arooo!), and a low voice (PARE!!). other symptoms would include irregular menstrual periods and difficulty of getting pregnant. Also presence of tumors which develops the adrenal gland can be a possible cause.

So why women is being tested with testosterone?

Women’s bodies also produce testosterone but in small amounts because it is also needed for hormonal balance and to help women’s bodies to function normally.

how the test is done?

A blood test is the only way to diagnose a low testosterone level.

In these test a venipuncture is done. While for infants skin puncture is advised.

Normal values:

male: 300-1000 ng/dL
female: 20-80 ng/dL

so the Results would be...

Normal value for testosterone level depends on the stage of maturity and age. Decrease in the testosterone level decreased as men ages.

But rather than these decreased testosterone levels could be also a cause of hypothalamic disease, pituitary disease, genetic diseases like Klinefelter’s and Kallman’s syndromes, esticular failure and infertility, alcoholism, physical injury, and mumps.

And on the other side increased testosterone level can be caused by testicular tumors, adrenal tumors, use of androgens, hyperthyroidism, and congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

Are there any therapy or medications for having low testosterone level?

yes and one example is testosterone therapy- these helps to increase your muscle mass, sharpen your memory and concentration, boost your libido, and improve your energy level.

for more complete information try visiting these sites!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Male Gonadal Gland and its Hormones... WTH?! hahaha basically for me!

So here it talking about and representing all males about our gonads which is basically known as our testicles and it can be seen primarily behind our penis which is covered with a pouch..the SCROTUM... FYI that scrotums surface is like the surface of your elbow so go on and give it a try ;)

So basically our testicles are the ones which produces and store millions of sperm (which someday one of them would meet the egg cell and form a life). Our testicles is also the factory for TESTOSTERONE (male hormone and the prinipl androgen).

So what in the world is testosterone?

Testosterone is the male hormone which is responsible for the development of male reproductive organs and plays a big role in developing male characteristics such as having broader shoulders, facial hairs, body hairs,axilliary hairs, and hair below-the pubic, development of the adams apple which causes the lowering of the voice.

It is stimulated by interstitial cell stimulating hormone which is identical with luteinizing hormone, being released by the anterior pituitary under the influence of the lutenizing releasing factor ;)

Testosterone comes in three stages of life.

The 1st one would be in the first trimster of pregnancy... the androgen being produced by the fetal testes is responsible for the male reproductive tract.

2nd is during the puberty stage wherein the testosterone stimulates the overall body growth which is said earlier about male characteristics being developed.

In addition it also stimulates excess secretion from sebaeous glands in the skin causing acne or what we mostly call mantika sa pagmumukha or oily skin... and wherein we start getting to have tigyawat sa ilong for people who are inlove for someone, tigyawat sa noo which means you and your loveone are both inlove with each other, and tigyawat sa pisngi which means someone ha a secre crush on you...(a myth).

This is also the time wherein external genitals attain their fully adult proportions, production of semen, and the capacity for erection and ejaculation are being stimulted. DO YOU KNOW THAT filipino males have an average size of 5 to 7 inches external genitals? NOW YOU KNOW!

For married men ONLY!...So does size really matters? BIGGER IS NOT BETTER. women prefer bigger but what would us male do if were not supersized? Don't worry since there are many ways to compensate. Let us men maximize the use of our genitals by learning some penetration techniques! this involves alternate long and shorts, fast and slow strokes, rolling of the pelvis, and experiment different positions. warning: DO THIS ON THE RIGHT TIME-AFTER MARRIAGE!

3rd stage. The adulthood, in this stage our testosterone is continually secreted to maintain normal reproductive function, sperm production, and sexual behavior. And by the time we are old and gray guess what?!? nakakalungkot man sabihin that we males will decrease our testosterone levels.

here's a video learning more about this stuff..

video source:http://http//

So i guess thats about it on male gonads and testosterone! I hope that I've gotten you somewhat good and reliable information about our most precious gonad and the stuff it secretes!! hope you had FUN!! :P

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Endocrinology, Toxicology, and Drug Testing


so what is endocrinology about? hormones? so according to my resources...

Endocrinology is a study that deals with the endocrine system and its specializede glands which secretes chemical substances called hormones. It also includes the study of the chemistry functions of hormones of the specialized glands and tissues.These glands which transfers information from one set of cells to another enables the organism to adjust various activities of the body to the changing demands of the external and internal environment.

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toxic a term used to describe something that's been killing us in every manner somehow haha! :P just like how would i describe situations in my life that would almost kill me like my studies and yun lang naman nagpapahirap sakin... tae!! haha

in terms of medical field...Toxicology is the study of poisons, their effects, and antidrotes. Toxicity is the ability of a substance to produce injury upon reaching a susceptible site in or on the body.

And do you know that the dosage period and the period of time over which the dosage occurs determine the effect of a substance on an organism so normally even safe substances can cause illness or death if consumed insufficient amounts or too much intake.

in addition... Toxiclogy has been branched into specialized areas depending on how organisms can be exposed to these substances by various routes. These specialized areas would include:

• Economic toxicology- concerned with chemicals used in drugs, food additives, pesticides, and cosmetics.

• Forensic toxicology- involving the medical and legal aspects of poisonous materials when death or severe injury is the result of their use.

• Industrial toxicology- in which the effects of pollutants in the working environment are evaluated.

• Environmental toxicollogy- which is the evaluation of the synergistic effects of chemicals in the environment.


here are some sites related to toxicology together with some updates:

Drug Testing

drugs as we all know are good somehow for panandaliang aliw but seriously you can put your self into a hell when you deal with this stuffs anyway in the end you might find yourself in prison... and by how?? by DRUG TESTING!

so....Drug testing or drug screening is performed to detect small amounts of any number of metabolites of commonly used drugs. Drug screens are available for a variety of substances including amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, methamphetamine, opiates (morphine and herioine), cannabinoids (marijuana), phenycyclidine, and propoxyphene.

Not only is drug testing helpful in identifying users but it also acts as a deterrent.

Substance abuse testing has used urine exclusively as the sample of choice which is generally inexpensive, easily obtained, plentiful and contains large amount of drugs and metabolites.

for example: urine can identify drug usage for 7 to 14 days after the last usage, whereas blood testing reflects drug usage only during the past few hours. Saliva, breath, hair and sweat are becoming increasingly important and accurate specimens for specific drug testing however they are expensive.

drugs makes you ugly!!

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And thats it for my first blog! thanks!

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