Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Waking up on a good morning where everything seems to go right..

Having a good shower followed by an enticing breakfast..

Going to work and driving easy on the road where it seems like a

ll traffic lights were all green..

And by the time I entered my work at the Mother Cougar Hospital you can see all people smiling at you saying their goodmornings..

Before entering the lab here’s this elegant lady, who looks like Jessica Alba, whose about to come right at me and greeted me with a hi. With those luscious lips and that kind stare just made my day and made my heart melt..

And as she was about to leave the lab my friend Jose just informed me that she was a newly acquired nurse on the hospital..

And from that day I secretly named her as Wednesday girl..

So moving on what makes my Wednesday bad is that I’ll stay up on a hospital for a whole day and whole night shift..

It was 10 pm and I’ve found myself toxic from all the work in the lab so I took a nap..

After an hour someone clearly called my name so I immediately woke up and found out that it was Jose. Then he started telling me about the patient who died just a few minutes and being reported with an unknown cause..

On that night all the people in the hospital were worried and you can see in their eyes that fear that they too might be a victim..

And as days pass by many incidents of deaths with unknown causes were reported on the hospital..

So the hospital was alarmed and immediately call for an investigation..

Specialized med techs including me were assigned to be part of the investigation

Our duty was to support medical investigation on the cause of death that might be due to poisoning..

First we were able to record the physical symptoms manifested by the dead patients. Then on the crime scene itself evidence were collected like the pill bottle, trace residues, and powder.

So with these evidences collected we were close to resolving what causes these patients to die.

And for further testing human samples were also collected from post-motems.

First urine was taken from the bladder of the patient.

Then 10 ml of blood was collected right enough to screen and confirm the toxic substance that was introduced to the victim.

Saliva was also collected which is also referred to as ultra filtrate of blood due to the drug that may pass into oral fluid predominantly through passive diffusion.

Hair samples were also collected wherein its also capable of determining the substance that killed the patients.

Other samples were also requested from the autopsy to be tested like the gastric contents from the stomach, which can be useful for detecting the undigested pill or liquid that was ingested prior to death. The vitreous humour from the eye may was also used, as the fibrous layer of the eyeball and the eye socket of the skull protects the sample from trauma. Other common organs were also used like the brain, liver, and spleen.

With these samples certain procedures were done to for initial screening and for confirmation using different analytical methods. In doing these tests a quality program is used ensure best results.

One of the procedure done was gas chromatography. It is used to illustrate the basic components of a gas chromatographic system and in examining volatile organic compound.

Spectrophotometry, thin-layer chromatography, and immunoassays was also used as screening methods.

And for confirmatory test tandem mass spectrometry was used together with spot test in determining non volatile organic compounds.

While waiting for the results on the test performed, I went to the vending machine and got something to drink while I saw wednesday girl roaming around.

I was tempted to secretly follow her and hoping to have a chance meeting her up close and personal.

As she entered the room of her patient I went immediately went outside of the room near the door and waits for her to come out.

Until suddenly I heard a strange noise inside the room and heard a voice asking for help..

I opened the door and saw Wednesday girl was about to inject a syringe with a certain chemical to the patients arm. I immediately attack her by grabbing his chest to distract her and hold her arms to prevent her from injecting the syringe to the patient..

Then I kissed her on her lips to distract her from her plan but she also kisses back and never even attack me.. as the patient envies watching..

After a few minutes we stopped and I said sorry for acting weird and she said don’t bother..

Then I leave the room..

Then i was ashame of myself knowing that it was just a false alarm thinking that she was the murderer..

So at first I thought of already being the hero of all of these tragedy that’s been happening in the hospital but I fail..

But at least nakascore ako haha..

Then I went back to the laboratory for the results still thinking of the scene I’ve created and hoping to be more closer to Wednesday girl the other time around..



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